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Caste Certificate:- India is a nation rich in history and diversity. The caste system is also a part of this diversity. India has 3000 castes and 25000 subcastes based on occupation. These castes are divided based on Categories like General, OBC, SC/ST, etc. Caste Certificate helps Indian citizens prove their Caste to get benefits under reservation-based govt schemes.

What is a Caste Certificate 

A caste Certificate or Jati Praman Patra is a Legal Document that proves an Indian citizen’s Caste, community, and religion. It also proves an individual’s category, such as GN, OBC, SC/ST, or EWS candidate. Jati Praman Patra help a citizen get all the reservation benefits provided by the state government and the central government. This document is also known as Jati Praman Patra in various states. Both state govt and central govt provide Caste certificates to citizens. 

In this article, I will share all the details related to the Jati Praman Patra. Read this article until the end to get an overview of Jati Praman Patra.

Benefits of Caste Certificate in India

A Jati Praman Patra is very useful and beneficial for OBC, SC, and ST candidates to avail several benefits of Govt Schemes. Some of the benefits are as follows: 

  1. Jati Praman Patra Helps to Get Scholarships Based on Category
  2. You can get Government subsidies with this certificate
  3. To apply for various govt schemes Jati Praman Patra is useful
  4. It helps you to get quotas in educational institutions
  5. You can get rebates on college and school admission fees
  6. It is useful to get reservations of seats in the Legislatures
  7. You can obtain a reservation in Government Services
  8. It also helps with the upper age relaxation limit while applying for various govt and private jobs

Eligibility for Caste Certificate

Citizens who want to get a Jati Praman Patra should fulfill some eligibility criteria as given below: 

For State Jati Praman Patra

  • Applicants must be residents of the Particular State (ex., If you want to get a Jati Praman Patra of Rajasthan State, then you must be a resident of this state)
  • Applicants must have all the legal documents with the correct information.
  • Applicant’s Caste must be included in the State Govt’s OBC, SC,/ST Category List. 

For Central Jati Praman Patra

  • Applicants must be a citizen of India.
  • Applicants must hold a valid caste certificate of their state.

Caste Certificate Documents Requirement 

  • Duly filled Application Form
  • Jati Praman Patra of father
  • An affidavit of Rs. 10
  • Identity proof – Aadhar Card, 10th Marksheet
  • Address Proof – Ration card, voter ID, Kiryanama, telephone bill or electricity, etc.
  • Income Proof
  • Report of the concerned Patwari
  • 2 Passport size Photograph of the applicant
  • Two government employees’ Signature in the application form

Caste Certificate Form

The Jati Praman Patra form is a blank document that helps you to apply offline for the certificate. You must fill in the Jati Praman Patra form and submit it to the concerned authorities with a photocopy of other useful documents. Here is a list of links by which you can download your state’s Caste Certificate Form:

How to Apply for a Caste Certificate

Apply Caste Certificate Online

You can apply for a Caste Certificate online without visiting the Tehsil office. Here is the detailed process for Caste Certificate Apply Online

Step 1: Visit the nearby e-Mitra Kendra in your area.

Step 2: Ask the e-Mitra operator for the Caste Certificate Application form and fill in all the required details.

Step 3: Submit all the required documents mentioned above in this article with a duly filled application form.

Step 4: Now, the operator will submit a Caste certificate application request at the eMitra portal on your behalf. 

Step 5: After submitting the request emitra operator will provide you a receipt with the application number, and you will also get an SMS and email on your registered mobile number and email.

Step 6: The concerned department of the Tehsil will process the certificate request, and after successful verification, the authorized Government Officer will issue the Jati Praman Patra.

Step 7: An SMS will be sent once your Jati Praman Patra is ready. You can revisit any eMitra Kendra.

Step 8: Provide the application number to the e-Mitra Kendra operator; he will download your certificate using eMitra Portal of your state. 

Step 9: You can get a printed copy of the certificate. 

Caste Certificate Apply Offline

If you want to submit an offline application for the Jati Praman Patra, you follow these steps: 

Step 1: First, get an offline application form from any stationary store in your area or download it online and Get a print.

Step 2: Now, fill in all the required information in the application form per your documents.

Step 3: Paste the passport-size photograph in the photo section of the application form.

Step 4: Now, you must buy a Rs. 2 Court fee ticket and affix it to the form.

Step 5: Check the information the capable public representatives provided at the Tehsil office against the Government list.

Step 6: Attach all photocopies of all the required documents to the application form 

Step 7: Submit this application form to your area’s Tehsil office.

Step 8: After verification of your application form, Tehsil will issue a Jati Praman Patra

Caste Certificate Status Check 

  1. Visit the online service portal of the respective State or union territory.
  2. Find out “Caste Certificate” or “Online Services” link on the Home Page.
  3. Click the Caste Certificate Status Check link. 
  4. Now, enter your application number and fill in the Captcha code.
  5. Click the Search button.
  6. It will display your Caste Certificate Status.

Authorities that issue Jati Praman Patra in India

In India, there are several states, each with its own rules and authorities for issuing online caste certificates. The following are the officials or authorities who can issue the OBC, SC/ST certificates:

  1. Sub-divisional officer and revenue officer with at least the rank of tehsildar of the candidate and their family
  2. Some other significant government officials are:
    1. Sub Divisional Magistrate
    2. Executive Magistrate
    3. Deputy Commissioner
  3. Additional Deputy Commissioner
  4. Deputy Collector
  5. District Magistrate
  6. Additional District Magistrate
  7. First Class Stipendiary Magistrate
  8. Taluka Magistrate
  9. Additional Assistant Commissioner
  10. Collector
  11. Deputy Collector
  12. Other officials, such as:
    1. Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate
    2. Chief Presidency Magistrate, or
    3. The Presidency Magistrate

Format of Jati Praman Patra

There are different formats of caste certificates in each state. Here in this article, I’m sharing a general format of a Jati Praman Patra

  • Applicant’s name
  • Husband or father’s name of the applicant
  • Permanent address
  • Date of birth
  • Birthplace of the applicant, including the state and district
  • Applicant’s Caste or tribe that they belong to
  • Authority issuing certificate
  • Certificate number
  • Issuing date
  • Identification mark

Final words

A caste certificate or Jati Praman Patra is a very useful document for citizens of India. It helps OBC, SC/ST category candidates benefit from various government schemes, scholarships, and job quotas. You should get this certificate if you also belong to these categories. To get Jati Praman Patra, follow all the instructions in this article. 

FAQs for Jati Praman Patra

Q. Can I apply for a Caste Certificate Online?

Ans. Yes, you can apply online for a caste certificate at the e-seva portal of your state/Union Territory.

Q. How long does it take to renew an OBC certificate?

Ans. Generally, it takes 1-2 weeks to renew your Jati Praman Patra

Q. How to check caste certificates by name?

Ans. Candidates can check their caste certificate by visiting a nearby e-Mitra or tehsil office. They can also check their Jati Praman Patra by visiting the official website of the concerned state. 

Q. Is a state caste certificate necessary for a central caste certificate? 

Ans. A state caste certificate is necessary for a central caste certificate with other useful documents. 

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