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Apply Online for Birth Certificate: Janam Praman Patra

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Birth Certificate: – The birth certificate is an important document issued by the government as it establishes the identity and belonging of an individual. A Birth Certificate or a Janam Praman Patra is an official document that is much more than just a piece of paper. In this article, we will discuss all the critical aspects of a Birth Certificate that you should be aware of. 

What is a Birth Certificate? 

It is a legal document that records the birth of a child, including other general information such as the child’s name, date of birth, place of birth, gender, and parents’ names. It is proof of citizenship. Birth Certificate is required for various purposes such as school admission, obtaining a passport, obtaining a driving license, etc. 

Who Can Obtain a Birth Certificate? 

Generally, the person named on the Janam Praman Patra or the parent or legal guardian can obtain a copy of the Janam Praman Patra. In some exceptional cases, a person with a legitimate interest, such as an attorney, can get a copy of the Birth Certificate. 

Purpose of a Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate is a document of significant importance as it serves multiple crucial purposes. Following are some of the purposes served by a Janam Praman Patra:

  • It establishes an individual’s identity and citizenship. 
  • It enables an individual access to various rights, privileges, and social security benefits available only to citizens. 
  • It verifies Parental Lineage as it is an official record that contains the name of the child’s parents. 
  • It is crucial evidence in legal matters involving family disputes, inheritance, or child custody. 
  • In some cases where no other official proof of age exists, the Janam Praman Patra can also be used as age proof. 
  • It is essential to present the Birth Certificate for accessing age in case of various age-restricted services such as enrolling in school, applying for a driver’s license, and participating in certain legal activities.
  • It is required to obtain a passport for international traveling.

Required Documents for Janam Praman Patra

  1. Birth certificate from the hospital
  2. Statement of birth from hospital or place where baby was born
  3. Parents’ marriage certificate
  4. Parents’ identification documents
  5. Aadhaar card
  6. Address Proof

How to Obtain a Janam Praman Patra in India? 

Janam Praman Patra in India can be obtained through an offline process. Given below is the step-by-step offline process that one should follow to get a Janam Praman Patra in India:

Step 1: Obtain an application form for the Birth Certificate

Step 2: Fill the form and attach the required documents 

Step 3: Pay the registration fee as prescribed 

Step 4: Verification process the prescribed authority 

Step 5: Once the registration process is complete, you can collect the Birth Certificate from the office of the issuing authority or download it from the official website as prescribed by the rules

Note: This is the generalized process. However, the actual process for obtaining a Janam Praman Patra varies slightly across various states. 

Online application process to obtain a Birth Certificate

Some of the states provide facilities for obtaining a Birth Certificate online. Following are the steps that one has to follow to apply and get an online Birth Certificate:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Birth and Death Registration (Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India) by clicking this link:

Step 2: If you don’t have a User ID and Password, create one by clicking the “General Public Sign Up” button.

Birth Certificate Online Application Process 1
Birth Certificate Online Application Process 1

Step 3: Go to the “Login” section, enter your User ID and Password, Captcha Code shown on the screen, and click the “Login” button. 

Janam Praman Patra Apply Online
Janam Praman Patra Apply Online
Janam Praman Patra Apply Online 3
Janam Praman Patra Apply Online 3

Step 4: Click on the “Birth” section and then on the “Add Birth Registration” button. 

Birth Certificate Online Application Process 4
Birth Certificate Online Application Process 4

Step 5: Enter the required details in the form (such as Date of Birth, Gender, Name, Place of Birth, Parent’s names and contact details, etc.) and then click the “Save” button. 

Janam Praman Patra Apply Online 4
Janam Praman Patra Apply Online 4

Step 6: Enter the educational and occupation details of the child’s parents. Enter details of the mother’s age and health care facility where the child was born. 

Step 7: Upload the reporting document and click the “Save” button. Download Reporting form PDF.

Janam Praman Patra Apply Online 5
Janam Praman Patra Apply Online 5

Step 8: Check all the information carefully and click the “Edit” button if you want to make any changes; if all the information is correct, click the “Submit” button. 

Janam Praman Patra Apply Online 6
Janam Praman Patra Apply Online 6

Step 9: You will be directed to the “Login Page.” Login Again with your credentials.  

Step 10: Click the “Print Reporting Form” button on the right-hand side. Then click on the “Print” button. 

Janam Praman Patra Apply Online 7
Janam Praman Patra Apply Online 7

Step 11: Check the Registrar’s Office Address mentioned in the printed Reporting Form. You must submit this Reporting Form and a copy of the Adhaar Card of the child’s father at the Registrar’s office. 

Step 12: You will receive an email when the certificate is ready. You can download Birth Certificate from the email or collect a hard copy from the Registrar’s Office. 

Note: Generally, making a birth certificate takes 15-20 days. However, it may take longer in exceptional cases. 

Time to Apply for Birth Registration

The birth of a child must be registered within a specific time frame, usually within one year of the birth of the child. This registration can be done at the local Municipal Corporation office, Panchayat office, or designated government hospital where the child is born.

Birth Certificate Application Fee

A child’s Janam Praman Patra can be obtained free of cost within one year of birth. However, if you apply to get a Janam Praman Patra after one year of the birth of the child, then you will have to pay a late fee of Rupees 200/-. In case of a Birth Certificate online apply, you can download it free of cost for the first time. But later, you will have to pay a fee of Rupees 10 for all the subsequent downloads, through online payment gateways such as Google Pay, PhonePay, Paytm, etc. 

Download Birth Certificate Online

If you have successfully applied for your newborn’s Janam Praman Patra and want to download it, you can easily do it online. For the Birth Certificate download, you have to do it as per your State/UT. The detailed state-wise processes for your query of ‘download Birth Certificate‘ are given below in the list:

Check Out List Here


Q. Is the Birth Certificate an official document?

Ans. Yes, it is an official document that can be used as age proof in certain circumstances. 

Q. What is the application fee for obtaining a Birth Certificate?

Ans. It is issued free of cost for the first time. But if you have lost it, you may have to pay a nominal fee ranging from Rupees 50-150 depending on the rules prescribed by the State Government.  

Q. Can a Birth Certificate be obtained without the child’s name?

Ans. Yes, as we know that the child is named after a few days of birth, there is an option to obtain the Birth Certificate without the child’s name.  

Q. How to add my child’s name to the Birth Certificate?

Ans. First, you have to obtain a ‘Birth Certificate correction/update’ form from the gram panchayat or municipal corporation office of the place where your child was born. Then, get an affidavit from the local notary and go to the office to request a change in your Birth Certificate regarding adding your child’s name.

Q. What documents are required to add/change my baby’s name on the Birth Certificate?

Ans. You will require the update form, a valid Birth Certificate, an affidavit from the local notary, address proof, and an Aadhar card. 

Q. What is the time limit for Birth Certificate registration?

Ans. From the date of occurrence, the usual time limit is 21 days to report your child’s birth. 


In this article, we have discussed all the essential aspects of a Birth Certificate. We hope you find this article helpful and informative. Knowing all these things about this certificates will help you utilize them effectively and ensure you keep them safe throughout your life. For more such articles, please keep visiting our website regularly.

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